From Sam to You

Fresh, Hot Vegan Food
Saturday 19th November

We are a small, local family run catering business called “From Sam to You”. We provide local catering for events, but also home cooked meals for families around the Stroud area, as well as inspired recipes and food products for local businesses. We specialise in vegan, home-cooked, hearty, nutritious and affordable meals & treats, bursting with flavour, and made with love you can actually taste! All our food is prepared by top community French/Caribbean Chef Samuel Angelo, who has over 25 years of cheffing experience - and is supported by the family team- Katerina and their 4 children.
If you’d like to try any of our food from our home food service - delivered straight to your door on Thursdays and Saturdays - check out our weekly menu at: or drop us an email to be added to our weekly menu email: [email protected]; or call us on: 07482 121 989 For catering events, please find us at: