Nancy Trotter Landry

Part of 'After Elijah'
Saturday 19th November

Nancy Trotter Landry trained at the Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She began her career as a singer, dancer and ring mistress in the highly acclaimed Giffords Circus and for eleven years has worked in film, theatre and of course, circus. Nell Gifford, the late co-founder of Giffords Circus said this about Nancy in her article ‘An appreciation of Nancy Trotter Landry; ‘Nancy is an old-fashioned stage trouper, able and willing to deliver her magic and glamour for show after show, singing, dancing and making people laugh with her absurd comic personas. She is never vain and plays with the grotesque, the ungainly, the preposterous.’ Previous reviews of her work include: ‘the hilarious Nancy Trotter Landry’: Time Out New York (Brilliantlove is)… made interesting by the physically and emotionally exhibitionistic, on- and in fact, over-the-edge performances by Nancy Trotter Landry’ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian ‘consummate physical Comedian’: New York Times Nancy’s enchanting and hilarious performance in After Elijah leads the show on its magical exploration of the power of wonder.