Alyn Shipton
Jazz Band

Jazz Vespers
Sunday 20th November

Limited Seating, Tickets £10

Led by the award-winning author, musician and broadcaster, The Alyn Shipton Jazz Band is made up of musicians who have all spent time in New Orleans learning from the founding fathers of the music. Since 2019, the band has been exploring the question ‘Does New Orleans jazz belong in church?’.

Their response has led to the development of ‘Jazz at Vespers’; an inspiring and fresh interpretation of the traditional revivalist jazz bands that made up the birth of New Orleans jazz.

Alyn’s jazz friends play entirely acoustically without amplification. The music runs the full emotional range from soft, contemplative pieces to joyous outpourings of the infectious rhythms of the Crescent City.

To learn more about Alyn Shipton and his New Orleans friends visit their website: